Peer-to-peer fundraising sounds like a pretty sweet deal; you find an inspired group of people and give them tools to raise money for your mission.

But finding and engaging a base of supporters is harder than it sounds. Download “How to Find & Engage Your P2Peeps” and learn:
  • How to build a core team of supporters
  • How to broaden your influence and visibility
  • How to inspire your fundraisers to raise more money
  • How to keep fans engaged in the fundraising process
  • And tons more!
Take a peep at our eBook (see what we did there?) and get started!

Unlimited Tools Customizable Forms No Contracts
Experiment and grow with unlimited forms, events, customer support, and more. Custom forms, thank-you pages, receipts, and more help you raise more money online. Move between feature packages with no contracts and no obligations.

Styles for Girlz
Tamekia Swint Executive Director
Styles for Girlz

As a growing nonprofit, we were looking for a way to simplify giving for our supporters and donors. We were referred to Qgiv by one of our board members, and we love it! The donation page Qgiv designed for us is perfect. It complements our website and allows us to capture our donors’ information, easily access it, and make changes through our online back office.